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Above: L to R: Rekha Chintalacharuvu, Andra Phillips, Paul Baboolal, Liz Hernandez


Paul Baboolal is a wealth management advisor at Northwestern Mutual Manhattan Beach with more than 30 years of experience. Paul uses a centralized approach that gives clients the opportunity to have a single holistic financial plan with one planner for their entire lifetime. He partners with successful attorneys, business owners, commercial real estate developers and South Bay families to assist them with their financial goals, educating them on financial literacy, wealth management strategies and solutions. 

Paul started his career with Northwestern Mutual as a college intern in 1992 and began working full time after he graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is a 13-time member of the Northwestern Mutual Forum, representing the top tier of advisors. 

In what ways do you ensure your business stands out in the marketplace?

We operate on a unique platform that offers both wealth-building tools and tools for wealth protection, backed by the strength of Northwestern Mutual. We get to take a comprehensive view when assessing and building a client’s financial picture. In doing this, we make sure that tax-efficient systems are in place so they get the most out of their retirement.

How does your unique experience enhance the services you provide for clients?

I have grown up in this business, staying with the same company from the start. In fact, I celebrated my 30th anniversary with Northwestern Mutual in March 2023. Given my tenure, there’s a decent chance that if a client is going through something, I’ve had prior experience addressing that particular issue. If there is ever a concern we can’t address ourselves, I have long-standing relationships with experts in various fields who can handle just about anything. Our team is passionate about this field, and we handpick our talent with a strong focus on academics and constant self-improvement to fit our culture.

What needs do you meet for clients?

Our clients are exceedingly busy with their work and family lives. We know that their time is valuable, so we make sure that any information presented to them is as clear and concise as possible. We are efficient in taking the time to truly listen to their needs, keeping accurate historical records and delivering a road map toward holistic financial success. 

Tell us about a change you made in your business.

We’ve made some structural changes in recent years that are setting us up to be a business that can grow as our clients grow. I want to leave a legacy with my team that lasts well beyond my lifetime, allowing the foundation we’ve created to serve many future generations. 

In what ways is your work meaningful?

After nearly 31 years of being in the business, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the plans we have implemented stand the test of time. It is always joyous to see clients achieve goals that they stated many years ago. This happens when we frequently send clients peacefully into retirement. As a partner in their success, we feel we are truly part of the celebration. 

In what ways do you interact with your clients outside business?

In what ways don’t I interact with my clients outside business? My clients are my friends, and my friends are my clients. We are all going through similar things: sending our kids to school, participating in community events, playing volleyball, tennis and pickleball together, and spending time enjoying the South Bay. I’m lucky that my professional and social communities overlap so much.  

Do you participate in community philanthropy?

We believe in and love the South Bay, and we’ve been proud residents since 1996. We are always looking for ways to give back locally. As partners of the Hermosa Beach Education Foundation, the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation and Hermosa Beach Little League, we are focused on improving the lives of future generations—especially when it comes to financial literacy. Giving young people the gift of a financial education will set them up for success in the future. 

Disclaimer: Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM) (life and disability Insurance, annuities, and life insurance with long-term care benefits) and its subsidiaries, including Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company (NLTC) (long-term care insurance), Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS) (investment brokerage services), a registered investment adviser, broker-dealer, and member of FINRA and SIPC, and Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company® (NMWMC) (investment advisory and trust services), a federal savings bank. NM and its subsidiaries are in Milwaukee, WI. Paul Baboolal is an Insurance Agent of NM and NLTC. Investment brokerage services provided as a Registered Representative of NMIS. Investment advisory services provided as an Advisor of NMWMC. 

Photographed by Fabien & Laura Castro