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    Lovette Mioni

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    1815 Via El Prado, Suite 203, Redondo Beach

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    Breanna Andrews, Lovette Mioni, Erin Hawthorne

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Mioni Family Law specializes in legal issues such as divorces, prenuptial agreements and custody disputes. Owner Lovette Mioni has been a practicing attorney since 2010 and started her firm in 2015. She graduated from Southwestern Law School and was certified by the State Bar of California as a family law specialist after completing additional education requirements for this area of law.

What is your definition of success?

Success in my office is having happy clients and positively impacting their lives. When clients stop by after their case has concluded to bring us wine, flowers, dinner and baked goods, that tells me we’re doing a great job for them.

Share some of your professional accomplishments.

I was previously voted one of the 50 Up and Coming Women Attorneys in Southern California by Super Lawyers and Los Angeles Magazine. I’ve also been selected as a Super Lawyer, which is a designation of the top 5% of attorneys on the Super Lawyers list each year. 

How does your unique training and experience enhance the services you provide for clients?

I’ve done a lot of litigation. I attended the National Family Law Trial Institute in Houston. My clients benefit from my knowledge and trial experience. Trials in family law should be avoided if possible as they are very expensive, and the traditional process of through the court system takes a long time. However, not being afraid of litigating the case at trial is very helpful in settlement negotiations and also knowing what potential outcomes the trial will bring for my clients. 

In what ways is your work meaningful?

I assist people during the most difficult times in their lives. They depend on me to advise them on their finances and their families. I try to settle every case in a way that brings my clients closure and a path forward.  

What is the key to building, maintaining and growing client relationships?

We try to educate our clients as much as possible on what the law is and what their rights and responsibilities are, and we help them navigate the process of their case as effectively and efficiently as possible. Most clients feel so much better when they have a clear understanding of the path forward.

How do you handle delivering news that the client doesn’t want to hear?

I like to be upfront and honest about things, good and bad. It is very important that I set realistic expectations. It’s only then that we can work on a path forward to make the best of the options and opportunities clients have. Most clients are very appreciative of receiving realistic expectations so they can more adequately plan for their futures.   

What is your advice to potential clients?

Try really hard to settle your case. Be open-minded in settlement discussions. We try to settle all of our cases outside court because ultimately that is what is best for the parties, their children and their finances. You should only go to trial when you absolutely have to. There are better divorce options than “I’ll see you in court.”

What industry trend are you leading?

Private judges. Utilizing a private judge to hear your case means you get to skip the public court system and the delays that come along with that. Your case is essentially fast-tracked. We get to choose a highly qualified judge who has a background in family law. We select dates that work for everyone’s schedules. A hearing that would normally take a week or even months to be heard in the court system is resolved in a day or two. Utilizing a private judge can save time, money and stress.

Tell us about a change you made in your business.

While we have a beautiful office suite in the Hollywood Riviera section of Redondo Beach, some clients prefer not to make the drive to the office. Or they don’t want to drive to Downtown Los Angeles for a court appearance. We still have in-person meetings and go to court in person, but for those clients who want to cut down their commuting time, we can do everything virtually—from meetings to court appearances and even depositions and settlement conferences with private judges. You typically won’t have to leave the comfort of your home if you don’t want to.

Do you participate in community philanthropy?

Access to lawyers and legal services is not available to everyone.  I work with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles to offer my services pro bono for victims of domestic violence. Sometimes if the Legal Aid Foundation gets a case that is too complex for their office to handle, they will refer it to me or ask me to assist. I do think it is important for attorneys to donate their services to people who need our services but cannot afford them.  

Tell us about your family.

My husband and I have two little boys, and we live in South Redondo. It’s such a great place to live and have my office. This summer I didn’t have to take the kids to school, so I was able to walk to and from work—which was a real treat.