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Photographed by Jeffrey Fiterman Pacific Dental Aesthetics is a boutique dental practice that has served the South Bay for more than 30 years. Kim Lemire, DMD, took over the practice in 2022 and continues to build on the legacy created by the previous owner, the late Arthur Natvig, DDS. Dr. Lemire grew up in Dallas, Texas, and attended dental school at Midwestern University in Arizona. She moved to the South Bay soon after graduation with her husband, David, and has been practicing dentistry for 11 years.

What sets your practice apart?

The genuine love and camaraderie we share as a team, our highly trained staff and the cutting-edge technology available on-site. Our advanced capabilities allow us to perform tasks like shade-matching veneers, same-day crowns and teeth straightening without the typical delays associated with traditional dentistry. This not only benefits our team but enhances the patient experience.

Tell us about your team.

It has always been my vision to provide exceptional, personalized care to the patients of the community where I live. We strive to provide an amazing dental experience that prioritizes the needs and comfort of our patients. Our top-notch team is dedicated to providing exceptional care the moment you step into our office. We go above and beyond to create a warm, relaxing environment where patients feel at ease. With our advanced technology, techniques and attention to detail, we aim to deliver outstanding dental services that keep our patients smiling for years to come.

We have two doctors: Dr. Song and myself. Patients love Dr. Song for his gentle touch and calming personality. We make a great team and take pride in the care we provide for our patients. Bea, our hygienist, has been here since the practice was established.

What has been a true joy in your work? 

The greatest fulfillment in my career stems from the deep connections I form with my patients and being an integral part of their lives. I find immense joy not only in transforming their smiles but also in truly getting to know them on a personal level. Hearing about their life journeys and being there to support them through both dental and non-dental matters is incredibly rewarding.

Describe a turning point in your career.

Having kids has definitely changed my life and career path. Luckily this profession has allowed me the ability to work part time while taking care of my young children. When COVID-19 shut offices down and I had time to reflect, I realized I needed to have more control of my future and also be able to dictate the access/quality of care I could provide my patients and the staff around me.

When did you know that you wanted to help people as part of your career?

My mom passed away from lupus when I was only 12. As the eldest child of an immigrant family, I saw firsthand the help we received with medical/dental care. I always knew I wanted to give back and educate others to care for their health.

How does your advanced training enhance the services you provide?

My training in smile design, Invisalign and most recently Botox for TMJ has truly elevated the services we offer at our practice. These specialized areas of expertise allow us to provide patients with exceptional and tailored treatment options. Dr. Song and I have developed a keen eye for aesthetics and understand the importance of creating a smile that harmonizes with each individual’s unique facial features. This enables us to design personalized treatment plans that go beyond traditional dental procedures—resulting in beautiful, natural-looking smiles.

What preventive measures do you encourage?

The best preventive measure is making sure you take care of your health—whether it’s through diet, exercise or the proverbial “brush and floss.”

What is an exciting new development in dentistry?

3D printing/milling and teeth-in-a-day! Recently we added full-arch dental implants to our practice. Our patients now have an alternative to dentures that not only restores their health but significantly improves their quality of life. The best part is, it gives them the confidence to smile again.

Any “wise words” you’d like to share?

Work hard and play hard. Enjoy life in the moment, as nothing is guaranteed. Have fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

How do you stay fit? 

I carve out some time weekly for myself. I love taking walks on the Esplanade and started working with a personal trainer last year. I’ve also recently started cycling with Mel, our front desk coordinator who is also a spin instructor.

Tell us about your family.

David and I are proud parents of two amazing kids: Ashton (9½) and Elsie (8). Ashton is a passionate soccer and hockey player, while Elsie finds her joy in gymnastics, dance and modeling. My parents escaped the Khmer Rouge to provide a better life for my siblings and me. I consider myself incredibly lucky to raise my family while pursuing my passions in the beautiful South Bay.

Photographed by Jeffrey Fiterman