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Jordan Holbert Is the founder and creative director of Mintwich Creative LLC, a boutique full-service design studio based in Manhattan Beach. She combines her professional background in        corporate design with her contemporary aesthetic to create branding and marketing packages for businesses based all over the United States.

What are some key qualities for women in leadership roles?

When it comes to stepping into leadership roles, women possess a distinctive perspective on leadership and problem-solving. Confidence, clarity and self-awareness combine to empower us to lead authentically, make informed decisions and navigate challenges with finesse—even amidst stress or conflicts.

What inspired you to pursue a career in your field?

What prompted me to enter my field was a deep appreciation for creativity, design and innovation. Design encapsulates communication, cognitive processes and the art of aesthetics. With a career spanning more than two decades, I’ve engaged in a wide array of projects, encompassing editorial production, visual communication, art direction, corporate identity, web design, marketing materials, information design, packaging and typography.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

My daily motivation springs from the opportunity to set an example for my children by demonstrating the value of hard work, perseverance and making a positive impact. Knowing that my efforts contribute to creating a better future for both my family and myself drives me to embrace challenges and inspire those around me. Each day presents a chance to balance the responsibilities of leadership and parenthood, embodying the strength and determination that I hope my children will carry with them in their own journeys.

Photographed by Siri Berting