Jamie Lovelynn

Jamie Lovelynn is a certified breathwork practitioner and fine art photographer. She first fell in love with photography while traveling solo for six months, and it quickly became her passion and career. With her Coastal Calm Collection, she captures ocean images to remind viewers to pause, take a deep breath and connect.      

Jamie holds a degree in biochemistry and is a certified trauma-informed breathwork practitioner. She holds one-on-one, corporate and group breathwork sessions in various studios and on the beach, guiding clients to release trauma, stress and inner blocks that keep them from living a life they love.     

Through her Make Moments Magical movement, she offers products for sale on her website—such as bracelets, stickers and hats—inscribed with inspirational statements. With these items, Jamie’s goal is to inspire others to slow down and be more present to the magical, ordinary moments happening in their lives.

What inspired you to pursue this career?

Inspired by my journey to inner peace and fulfillment, the combination of breathwork and art unfolded naturally. As I discovered inner peace through breathwork, my creativity blossomed through photography. My Coastal Calm artwork became a visual expression of the inner peace I found within myself. Looking back on my journey, I can clearly see how each and every moment unfolded perfectly to bring me to where I am today.

Tell us what you love about your photography.

With my lens in my hand and my feet in the sand, I love to capture beautiful moments and the inspiration of infinite possibilities with my camera. The ocean soothes my soul and breathes fresh inspiration into my heart. Experiencing my art inspires a pause, a breath and a moment of tranquility. It is also scientifically proven that photos of nature calm the nervous system. Thereby my art not only looks beautiful, but it also creates a healing response in the body.

Share a significant accomplishment in your career.

One profound achievement was the first time I felt true inner peace. After more than 15 years of experiencing therapies, books, tools, meditation and yoga, it was during my initial breathwork session that I felt true serenity for the first time. I learned that transformation is entirely possible. The body knows how to heal itself, and we are incredibly powerful. I use breathwork and art often to calm my nervous system and guide others to do the same.

What advice would you give your younger self just starting out in business?

Listen to your heart and trust your unique vision. Believe that what you desire to share with the world wants to be received. Embrace mistakes instead of striving for perfection. Don’t rush; enjoy the magical moments along the way. And above all, identify those sneaky fears and inner voices that seek to block your path.

What are the roadblocks to taking good care of yourself?

At times, my desire to give my all to my mission consumes me. Balance and self-care are key. My favorite place to recharge is at the beach. Just as I guide my clients, I create intentional pauses within my day to realign my energy and feel present. I use breathwork to release built-up stress, and I surround myself with art and beauty to bring joy to my heart. Additionally, I love to connect with friends, bike, play volleyball and create art.

What does success mean to you?

To me, success is a state of inner harmony. I’ve shifted away from looking at what others think I “should” do to be successful or who I think others want me to be. Instead, I start inward and decide how I want to create my outer world. Success involves sensing my truth, connecting to my heart’s dreams and then cultivating the courage to bring my dreams to life. 

What motivates you to go to work every day?

My work is my purpose and the reason I am here on earth. Witnessing people’s lives enhanced, even in small ways, and knowing that my contributions play a part is incredibly rewarding. Receiving client feedback fills my heart, such as, “The response in my body was magnificent, and the feeling of letting go of years of stress, trauma and anxiety was so powerful. I walked away feeling lighter, more at peace and full of love.”

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Personally, I envision a life that continues to be full of gratitude and joy. I especially look forward to creating a family of my own one day. Professionally, I see my work expanding to touch more lives through breathwork sessions, mindfulness workshops and art exhibits. I see deepening my connection within our incredible community and sharing the mission of Make Moments Magical—the important reminder that every individual is a gift. Ultimately, I believe in a more harmonious world.

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell