Hey Babe Physical Therapy & Wellness

Above L to R, top: Ariel Andrade Trevvitt, Dr. Claire Delcambre, Dr. Analise Richtsmeier, Tori Santiago  |  Bottom: Taylor Hawkins, Dr. Weslynne Rosa, Dr. Andrea Mathieux


Hey Babe Physical Therapy & Wellness is a woman-owned and operated clinic specializing in treating women, men and children for sports and athletic-related injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction and pain. Owner Claire Delcambre started Hey Babe in 2021. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in health care?

Dr. Claire Delcambre: Women have really drawn the short straw when it comes to quality health care. When I was 19, I started experiencing a cascade of symptoms related to women’s health. I bounced from specialist to specialist, seeking answers. For each symptom I was sent to a different specialist, but none of them communicated with the other specialists I had seen. To them, I wasn’t a person—I was a symptom. After hearing that my experiences weren’t unique, I was determined to create a space for women to be heard, validated and treated holistically.

What is your favorite thing about working with women patients?

Dr. Andrea Mathieux: The thing that always leaves me speechless about women is how strong and resilient they are—not only physically but also mentally. Our patients have been through so much, and they still find a way to come in—motivated to be the best versions of themselves. Healing is tough and rarely a linear path; it’s almost always longer than anyone expects. That’s why it’s such a privilege for me to watch and guide someone through the process. Whether it’s getting back to sports, returning to prepregnancy activity or finding ways to hit bucket-list items, women do it all!

Why do we need women in leadership?

Dr. Claire: Representation matters! I grew up in a home that conformed to traditional gender roles and was taught that women weren’t meant for positions of leadership. If it weren’t for the women before me who started their own businesses and led their own teams, I wouldn’t have believed I could do it. And—I may be biased here—I believe women are our best leaders. As Shania Twain said, “Let’s go, girls!”

What do you find most fulfilling in your role?

Dr. Weslynne Rosa: As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I absolutely love that patients have a safe place to address conditions that are considered taboo. As most women know, our bodies are complex and, many times, frustrating! My goal is to make the idea of treating painful sex just as casual as treating low back pain—not shameful or “weird.” One of my greatest joys is helping a mother through her pregnancy, meeting the baby—and my patients have the cutest babies out there!—and guiding her back to her prior activities.

What challenges have you faced professionally as a woman in business?

Dr. Claire: There are a lot of challenges that come with being a woman in business, such as not being taken seriously and facing societal expectations of women. However, the greatest challenge I have had to overcome is my own limiting beliefs. I knew I wanted to open a physical therapy clinic, but it took me years to fully admit it to myself—let alone to others. I was scared of failing, of not being good enough, of the judgment and criticism I would be opening myself up to. The only way I’ve ever overcome fear is to face it, and this was no different. I had the support of my husband, and I knew what I wanted to achieve was going to help so many people. 

What value can a woman’s perspective provide regarding health care services?

Dr. Analise Richtsmeier: There is so much value in a woman’s perspective in health care for both men and women. Experiencing firsthand the challenges in dealing with the traditional health care system has given me a deeper understanding of how to best assist other women when it comes to self-advocacy and empowerment. The challenges we help both men and women with are complex and taxing, both mentally and physically. Having a team of strong women guiding you and advocating for you makes such a difference. It has always been a goal of mine to be a woman who empowers other women, and I am grateful to work in a field that not only allows me to do that but has given me the opportunity to work alongside other women who do the same for me every day.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

Dr. Claire: I get to help people learn about their symptoms, identify a path forward to feel better, and optimize their health and quality of life. Often in medicine, women’s symptoms are brushed off as “normal.” However, “normal” should not be confused with “common.” Just because something is common does not mean you have to live with it. There are few things that bring me more joy than helping women feel better in their bodies and move with confidence. Seeing our wonderful, sunshiny staff every morning is also an added bonus!


Photographed by Jeffrey Fiterman