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Above: L to R: Attorneys Charles Scheurich, Carol T. Contes, Drew C. Hallett, Edward Powell, Denise M. Guzman, Charles Shelton, Marcus Chang, Maaha Khan, Jane S. Lee


Manhattan Beach-based legal firm Guzman Law Group has been advocating for the South Bay community for over 30 years. Their clients represent the diverse industries that define the vibrancy and innovation of the South Bay. The firm provides high-caliber legal services in business and finance transactions, trust and civil litigation, estate planning, and trust administration. With the close proximity to Hollywood, Guzman Law Group also focuses on entertainment law and celebrity estates. The firm is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. 

What services does your business offer?

Denise M. Guzman, Business and Estate Planning Attorney: We offer a breadth of legal services including business, litigation, estate planning, trust administration and entertainment law. The firm started by servicing the business community and representing the needs of business owners, whether it was the creation of contracts or the sale of the business. We also represented business clients with various disputes and were ready, if needed, to represent them in litigation.  

As our clients grew, their companies and wealth expanded—leading the firm to create our estate planning and trust administration departments. In recent years, the business world has expanded in the way businesses market, so the firm has stayed up to date on the various intellectual property rights that are found in copyrighted works and ownership of trademarks. Our services grow with the need of our clients and the ever-shifting world we live in.

What is the key to building, maintaining and growing client relationships? Drew Hallett, Business and Trust Litigation Attorney: The key is how much we care for and about our clients. It starts with the very first meeting. We not only listen to our clients, but we also ask questions to make sure we understand their situation or circumstance and what may affect or impact the legal matter at hand. With this information and our knowledge and expertise concerning the applicable or relevant law, we are able to provide tailored, practical advice that best serves their needs and goals. It also means that we act and respond with precision and purpose. We know how much these matters mean to our clients and act accordingly. We are prompt with our responses to our clients’ inquiries and diligent about putting our clients in the best position possible.

How would clients describe you?

Edward Powell, Corporate, Securities and Finance Attorney: A good lawyer listens to his clients and understands not only their business goals but their personal goals. Economically challenging times may require flexibility in strategy to achieve those goals. By listening closely, I can help guide our clients to a solution they may not have previously considered, which ultimately achieves their goals even in times of great uncertainty. We receive most of our work from referrals by existing clients who acknowledge and appreciate the close relationships we develop with them and our creativity and diligence in protecting and growing the businesses they build.

Marcus Chang, Business and Estate Planning Attorney: Clients would describe me as a guide—whether it is in estate planning, where I am able to provide them with options to help accomplish their goals for their estate plan based on their assets and desires, or in the administration of a trust or probate estate, where I help them navigate the process, including providing support and dealing with family dynamics.

How is the business model of your firm unique?

Jane S. Lee, Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Attorney: Our firm has the ability to help family businesses with both their business and estate planning needs, providing peace of mind surrounding their succession planning. If any conflict arises during the trust administration process, we are also in the unique position to be able to assist with trust litigation.

What needs do you meet for clients?

Marcus Chang: We help our clients by working with them to give them peace of mind—whether it is in drafting an estate plan that meets their wishes, assisting with the administration of a probate or trust to the end to provide closure, or helping resolve disputes that they may have with the trustee or the beneficiary.

How does your unique training enhance the services you provide for clients?

Jane S. Lee: My master’s degree in tax law allows me to identify strategies to minimize the estate tax burden on clients’ estates in an estate plan and to understand the tax implications when helping clients distribute trust assets to the beneficiaries to minimize potential capital gains taxes or income tax burdens.

Tell us something unique about your work that others may not know.

Carol T. Contes, Entertainment, Copyright and Trademark Attorney: I worked in Silicon Valley in the early days (before streaming hit Hollywood), and it is very interesting to see how technology has revolutionized the entertainment business … and there’s so much more to come.

Photographed by Marisa Guzmán-Aloia