Daryn T. Nishikawa,
DDS, Inc.

Services Offered
  • General, cosmetic and preventive dentistry
  • Special care/sedation dentistry
  • Sports dentistry
  • Implant dentistry

Special Care

Dr. Daryn: Given both of our advanced trainings from the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in treating those who require special care—with complex medical, physical and mental conditions—the fact that we can treat them in a traditional dental setting rather than a hospital is very fulfilling. Many of these individuals do not have the same access to care as others, so simply being able to provide quality dental services for them and their families is very rewarding in itself.

Dr. Kenneth: Our office is unique in that we can offer “more” to our patients in the form of sedation. This helps ease anxieties and phobias, which in turn allows patients to ultimately be more comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. Furthermore, simple and clear communication and understanding of our patients’ needs are the most effective ways to help individuals who are nervous or require special considerations.

Exciting Development

Dr. Daryn: Fortunately for many of us in the dental field and our patients, dental care has evolved from a primitive, often painful form of medicine to modern-day, state-of-the-art diagnostics and preventive care. This starts with the education students receive in school and the continuing education courses that are available. It is also based on the research that has gone into perfecting many procedures across the dental world, making them better, faster to perform with greater accuracy and more predictable. 

Cosmetic dentistry can whiten teeth and revitalize your smile. The “metal-mouth” look has been replaced by invisible braces. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technologies make procedures like bridges and crowns more accurate and esthetically pleasing. The world of dental implants has revolutionized the way we can replace missing teeth and recreate smiles. Dentists are becoming more specialized and knowledgeable. The use of artificial intelligence is making its mark on dentistry and will soon be a very useful diagnostic instrument for detecting potential problems even earlier.

Wise Words

Dr. Daryn: I wish someone told me earlier in my dental career that dentistry goes far beyond just “drilling and filling.” There is so much more to the field of dentistry that makes this profession a very enjoyable and rewarding one. The countless relationships that you create with your patients and peers are lifelong. If I could give advice to my younger self it would be: Do not let your job define you, as it’s important not to let work consume your whole life and identity. Try to experience things outside work, because it will give you more perspective on what your job is really like. Last but not least, decide for yourself what success looks like and work toward that goal by choosing a field/career you’re passionate about.

Off the Clock

Dr. Kenneth: When not treating patients, I work as a professional photographer for engagements, weddings and families. To me, dentistry requires skillful artistry and precision, and in the same way, I pursue the same quality in my photography. I also enjoy relaxing by playing tennis and golf, working out, watching shows and movies, and enjoying good food. 

Work-Life Balance 

Dr. Daryn: My amazing wife, Camille, helps me stay focused and organized and plan ahead. This is key for me in combining work activities with leisure, social or other activities when possible. I set blocks of time for different tasks and end work at a certain time. Taking time off to travel with my family, volunteering with my son’s Little League team, and simply spending time with my wife, 5-year-old son Broderick and dog, Harvey, are all very enjoyable and keep my life full and exciting.

Photographed by Fabien & Laura Castro (doctors) and Dr. Kenneth Gozali (family)