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Cindy Shearin was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and from an early age was surrounded by family members who worked in real estate development and sales. A degree in marketing and communications helped her early in her career while marketing, selling and renovating a 22-story luxury high-rise in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. She quickly discovered a passion for real estate and development.  

Cindy moved to Manhattan Beach just over three decades ago, becoming a Realtor® and quickly joining the ranks as a top-producing agent in the South Bay. In 2011 she established her company, The Shearin Group, which is one of the top 300 small real estate groups in America. She works within Strand Hill Forbes Global Properties, which has not only local but international affiliations. Cindy continues to be named a Los Angeles All-Star by Real Trends, which identifies the country’s most successful residential real estate brokerages, agents and teams.

What differentiates you from others in the real estate industry?

I think one of the most unique aspects of the service I provide is my knowledge and experience in the design and construction process. I have been involved in numerous new builds and remodels, as well as homes to be sold. These various skills are invaluable to my clients when preparing their homes for market as well as clients who desire to purchase a home that they may need to repurpose or completely update. 

I know construction. In addition, I know design. I am the designer on most of the construction projects I am involved with—both interior and exterior—so I stay very aware of current trends and sourcing. 

The combination of design, construction, financing and three decades of knowledge of the marketplace enables me to participate at every level of my clients’ needs. Whether preparing a home for sale to maximize the return or executing ways to increase utility and enjoyment after purchase, I can help.

How do you build and maintain your professional network?

Numerous networks are important in our industry, and three have been very important to my success. Most of my business is repeat clientele. These wonderful clients continue to use me, their children are starting to use me, and their family and friends are also using me. 

My #1 goal has always been to make sure my clients come first and their needs are met. Providing invaluable information that comes from experience, paying attention to all the details and maintaining the highest caliber of representation is what I guarantee that I provide. 

Being affiliated with Strand Hill Forbes Global Properties—a great company that is cutting-edge and continually setting milestones throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and the country—is a great benefit. In addition, for over a decade I have been a member of two Realtor network groups consisting of only top-producing agents in the South Bay area. We exchange comprehensive information and opinions and alert each other to unique opportunities. 

The construction network I have developed over the years continues to also be invaluable to my day-to-day operations, helping with all of the details of preparing a home for market. This allows me to quickly help clients make decisions on alterations that can or cannot be made and allows me to provide a list from A to Z that meets construction needs and desires.

How do you handle situations where clients have unrealistic expectations?

All real estate transactions involve trade-offs among competing characteristics of size, location, price, quality, condition, availability, design, financing, etc. Often people begin the process with desires that do not correlate with market reality. Having or establishing credibility with a client is key to building the needed trust to support the accurate information and opinions I provide. Establishing a clear direction, backed up by data to support this process, allows a clear picture to emerge of what is required to reach their goal. 

Patience is very important, as there is not always a quick outcome in meeting one’s desires. We define our priorities and establish a clear picture of what it will take to make the outcome of selling or buying a desired reality. If it is unrealistic, we know what needs to occur to make it a reality.

What is the best advice you live by?

I am a relationship gal. Looking out for my clients’ best interests has always served me well. My southern upbringing taught me that you can only respect yourself by good actions that include moral integrity and kindness. Being genuine and honest in everything you do is a good road map for this outcome.

What is a favorite quote?

As the great Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi said, “Success comes before work only in the dictionary.” Those are words I absolutely live by. A real estate transaction has a lot of moving parts, and I make sure nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Everything is won in the details.