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  • Patricia Panucci, DMD, MS

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Services Offered
  • Orthodontics for all ages 
  • Early intervention
  • Invisalign for children, teens and adults
  • Airway-focused treatment
  • Teeth whitening 

Career Choice

I truly believe I was born to be an orthodontist. I demonstrated an unusual interest in teeth from a very early age. My parents still talk about how “young Patti would enthusiastically brush her teeth several times per day.” Even now, I have never had a cavity and don’t have a single filling in my mouth. My desire to pursue a career in orthodontics didn’t waver, and I am fortunate to be able to live my passion every day.  

The Next Generation

This year marked my 20th year of practicing orthodontics (USC class of 2003). It’s incredibly fulfilling to treat the children of previous patients. This is the highest compliment I receive. It warms my heart to have their trust and be able to create smiles for many generations.  

Preventive Measures

Parents, please take your kiddos to see an orthodontist by age 7, even if their dentist has not mentioned the need. By monitoring a child’s jaw growth at an early age, an orthodontist can determine if there are potential issues or discrepancies in their growth pattern. Early intervention can help guide jaw development and prevent more complex problems, such as airway constriction, mouth breathing and related sleep disorders.

Assessing Airways

My training in airway-focused orthodontics has allowed me to customize treatment that aims to improve breathing by addressing dental and skeletal issues and creating a wider airway. This approach can positively impact a person’s sleep, overall health and quality of life. My 3D i-Cat imaging machine allows me to assess patients’ teeth, jaws and the size of the airway.  

Creating Smiles 

Our Beach Braces motto is “We create smiles in more ways than one!” My team and I have fun every day with our patients. We always have a reason to celebrate, which sustains an entertaining environment. Our prize wheel and candy station keep the office lively. The “Beach Braces Bubbles” vending machine is our newest attraction for patients of all ages as well as parents.

Beautiful Braces

I treat nearly 60% of my patients (children, teens and adults) with customized Invisalign clear aligners. However, I still have many patients in traditional metal braces and ceramic esthetic braces. My youngest patients enjoy our braces that come in a variety of shapes: hearts, stars, diamonds and even Mickey Mouse!

Doctor as Patient

I have been an orthodontic patient multiple times—once as a teenager and three times in my adult years. I treated myself with clear aligners seven years ago and wear my retainer nightly to prevent my teeth from moving again. As an experienced patient, I can relate and empathize with the challenges my patients encounter. This has helped me create techniques tailored to comfort and efficiency.

Exciting Technology

Patients can view their potential future smile on a whole new level. Empowered by the latest advanced algorithms, the 3D rendering of their “corrected” teeth can be viewed together with in-face visualization to provide a realistic image of their future smile.​

Photographed by Shane O’Donnell