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    Back, L to R: Charles Swanberg, Jimmy Wakimoto, Aileen Kanner, Jack Patel, Jennifer Yang, Tiffany Kawata, Tadashi Kondo Front: Adam Sklar, Michelle Nishide, Adriana Han, Dean Kishiyama, Melissa Okabe, Ariana Buzzelli, Elsa Guerra, Wendy Holt

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The Asian American Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) is a national nonprofit trade organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community through sustainable homeownership opportunities in Asian American communities. The LA Coastal chapter is based in the South Bay and neighboring cities in Los Angeles County. AREAA LA Coastal’s board of directors is comprised of real estate professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the industry who volunteer their time to the organization locally and nationally.

Tell us about AREAA.

Founded in 2003, AREAA creates a powerful national voice for housing and real estate professionals who serve this dynamic market. The LA Coastal chapter offers great education events and gives back to the community by offering annual homeownership seminars and conducting fundraising events. Members of our board of directors conduct their real estate business and make time to volunteer for a cause they believe in. We are constantly growing our network locally and nationally with our association.

What are the benefits of joining AREAA?

Our members and our partners enable us to carry out our vision and mission to represent the AAPI community in our advocacy for greater homeownership access for all. Through your support, we can provide national events that educate and develop our membership and the real estate industry at large. We believe that events such as ours are vital to developing successful AAPI leaders in the brokerage, lending, banking and real estate industries. With greater leadership and success in these industries, AAPI representation grows.

Tell us about the members of AREAA.

AREAA’s membership represents a broad array of real estate, mortgage and housing-related professionals that serve the diverse Asian American market. AREAA is the only trade association dedicated to representing the interests of the Asian real estate market nationwide. Membership includes housing and real estate professionals of all cultural backgrounds and is open to those who support the mission of increasing sustainable homeownership in the Asian community.

Photographed by Fabien & Laura Castro