Manhattan Beach Painter Meredith Dubois Finds Inspiration Right in Her Own Backyard

Sea level.

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Meredith DuBois, a Manhattan Beach native and acclaimed Los Angeles-based artist, seamlessly translates her deep connection with the South Bay’s coastal beauty into vibrant and evocative seascape paintings. Born and raised in Manhattan Beach, Meredith’s artistic journey reflects her profound love for the Pacific Ocean, which has become her primary muse.

Growing up on 19th Street in Manhattan Beach and attending Pacific Elementary School and Mira Costa High School, Meredith shares a special connection with the community. We reminisced about her roots, childhood, education and how she met her husband at Mira Costa. Her genuine affection for her hometown resonates in her art.

Meredith’s artistic journey began early in life, with a passion for painting cultivated during her high school years at Mira Costa. While the academic environment wasn’t always conducive to her comfort, art class provided a sanctuary where she felt safe and free to express herself. Even as she navigated the challenges of school, her love for art remained unwavering.

Initially envisioning a career in art education, she explored options such as attending Otis College of Art and Design. However, life took her on a different path, and she pursued a degree in occupational therapy. After working in the field and starting a family, Meredith found herself drawn back to her true passion.

“With my husband’s unwavering support, I quit my job and started painting,” she shares, emphasizing the pivotal role her spouse plays in her art. Her path took a significant turn when she participated in the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair in 2018, where she not only gained new recognition but also began collaborating with art curator Kim Riley. This partnership offered guidance on pricing and helped Meredith evolve as a professional artist.

Meredith has continued to participate in both the Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach hometown fairs, further solidifying her local presence. Social media, especially Instagram, also plays a pivotal role in showcasing her work and connecting her with art enthusiasts.

Reflecting on her work, Meredith loves van Gogh and his influence on her textured, colorful style. She works primarily with oil paints, capturing the essence of the beach through brushstrokes. She takes photographs at the beach as a starting point for her creations, each telling a unique story.

Commissioned work has become a significant part of Meredith’s repertoire, allowing her to collaborate with clients who bring their personal touch to her creations. “At first, I was scared because it’s so personal,” she acknowledges, noting that the input from her clients often leads to unique additions that enhance and personalize the collaborative nature of her art.

As she continues to evolve as an artist, Meredith remains a local gem whose work resonates with both residents and art enthusiasts, inviting them to experience the magic of the South Bay through her vibrant creations.

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