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“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs 

There are several common threads that tie together the team members of the Jen Caskey Group—a luxury real estate team formed early this year by Realtor® Jen Caskey with agents she’s worked with for years. Most of them are South Bay natives, several grew up in a family of real estate professionals and they all contribute to their community and worthy causes. It’s these parallels—as well as their individual talents and areas of expertise—that make the Jen Caskey Group a trusted resource for home buyers and sellers in the South Bay and beyond.

The Jen Caskey Group toasts another successful closing at Un Caffè Altamura in Manhattan Beach—the team’s favorite gathering spot.

We recently sat down with six of the team members (Jillian Kaplan, who splits her time between California and Tennessee, was out of state) for a roundtable-style conversation about their expertise within our community.

Several of you are true locals. How does your knowledge of the South Bay benefit your clients?

Avery Hazelrigg: I was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, so I have a deep level of knowledge about the city. I understand the subtleties of each street, neighborhood and school. That helps me find the perfect fit for each client’s unique personality.

Jen Caskey: Having grown up in Manhattan Beach and raised my family here, I know everything there is to know about the South Bay—the qualities of each neighborhood, the local schools, the people. Clients will ask, “Where should I get on the list for preschool? Where should I take my parents to lunch?” I love to see people get settled and know that they are going to be so happy here.

Patrice Radden: While I’m not a native of the area, I’ve spent more than 17 years in Manhattan Beach. I love exploring new restaurants, enjoying the wide range of outdoor activities available, and meeting new people through volunteer work in our schools and community. I also enjoy collecting recommendations from clients and friends and passing along what we all love about the South Bay to others who may be new to the area.

It’s safe to say you’re all big fans of the South Bay. What are some of your favorite things about living here?

Ali Snider: I love its proximity to many things—the beach obviously, but we’re also close to the theatre and awesome restaurants of Downtown Los Angeles. Skiing is a short drive away, as is the desert, the airport, hiking in Palos Verdes. Or we can park our cars and walk to everything within our South Bay bubble.

Starr Dill: For me, it’s the charm. In the big city of Los Angeles, we have managed to keep our community small and special. The beach cottages have my heart, and I always do my best to save them from being torn down if they still have life.

Eric Fonoimoana: I’m also a native of the South Bay, and I love the beach, volleyball and surfing. Our weather is fantastic, and the community is even better. We live in a little paradise that I don’t take for granted.

Patrice: I agree—it’s an incredible feeling of community. I love that it still feels a bit like a hidden secret with our great beaches, fabulous schools and great restaurants.

Stacia Janus: It doesn’t get better than that!

L to R, back: Avery Hazelrigg, Eric Fonoimoana, Elizabeth Welch, Stacia Janus, Jen Caskey Front: Ali Snider, Patrice Radden, Starr Dill

It must be a dream helping clients buy and sell homes in this community that you all adore. What’s great about your job and being part of this team?

Stacia: Every day is different. I’m from Manhattan Beach and a family of real estate professionals, so I have a strong local networking group. Yet through my work I meet amazing people who I might not typically meet. And I absolutely love being on a team where the support and collaboration are amazing.

Avery: Real estate is a life transaction that requires friendship, support and a little bulldog tenacity. Nothing is more fulfilling than helping others experience “home” in the South Bay.

Ali: When I started my career nearly 20 years ago, I worked with my mother who was a broker for more than 35 years. I love continuing the legacy of my real estate family.

Starr: The relationships I form with my clients are my favorite part of this job. Riding an emotional wave together through a transaction almost always bonds us for life.

Eric: I love sharing my knowledge and experience with new friends and old ones—stories of what the homes were like when I was a kid. There have been so many changes and upgrades in the housing market.

Jen: Our luxury boutique firm is headquartered in Downtown Manhattan Beach but has a global reach powered by Compass. We have been so impressed with its cutting-edge technology and the Compass Concierge program, which fronts sellers the money needed for improvements.

For those of you who haven’t worked in real estate your entire career, you had some pretty amazing experiences before becoming Realtors. Tell us what you did.

Starr: My career started in real estate in Florida, but when I moved to Los Angeles more than 15 years ago, I shifted into wellness. I was a bodyworker, Ayurveda practitioner and yoga teacher. I eventually came full circle and started selling real estate again, but with a holistic twist.

Eric: Before real estate, I was a professional athlete traveling the world and playing beach volleyball for 16 years. I earned a Gold Medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Ali: I lived in Chicago and worked for a transportation/logistics company. I loved my job!

Stacia: I worked in the fashion/retail industry. It was an exciting line of work. I absolutely loved traveling to different cities and going to fashion week in New York City!

Patrice: I spent my entire career in public relations and marketing for global consumer lifestyle brands, including more than 15 years at Red Bull Energy Drink.

The members of the Jen Caskey Group are your friends and neighbors. They are good at what they do and love where they live. Having a team like this on your side when you’re going through the challenge and thrill of buying or selling a home gives you a distinct advantage. Like Jen often says: “Our friends become our clients, and our clients become our friends.”

Jen Caskey Group

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IG: @jencaskeygroup  |  DRE #01075946
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