Check out what South Bay locals are wearing this summer

Street style our way.

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    Chad Michael Brooks

Tommy Cassano

City: Manhattan Beach

GIG: International speaker and researcher in health, bio-hacking and vitality; co-owner of local gym Beastie

Style: Urban, sporty, street

“Early training wake-up calls, executive coaching, corporate speaking and a personal sweat session require a foolproof, multifunctional dress code. That’s why I choose an ‘urban fitwear’ style for my daily outfits. It’s pleasing to my body and pleasing to the eye, while dominating every occasion throughout the day.”

Jameela Derrick

City: Redondo Beach

GIG: Designer

Style: Classic, crispy and casual

“I lead a casually active lifestyle. I never know when I could end up hefting a dirty box or attending a show opening! My clothes have to be able to keep up and look cute. Comfort is king, but not at the expense of aesthetic.”

Jessica Baskins

City: Hermosa Beach

GIG: Manager of BLVD

Style: Minimalist, vintage, goth

“I must be an old soul because I typically gravitate toward vintage and retro pieces. Nothing too trendy. And black is definitely favored in my wardrobe.”

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