Beauty From the Inside Out

Dr. Chong Kim’s integrative approach to wellness leaves no stone unturned when it comes to women’s health.

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When it comes to women’s health, a whole-body approach is crucial to achieving optimal wellness and preventing the effects of aging. At Coastal Anti-Aging Medical Group, owner Chong Kim, MD, offers patients personalized, concierge-style primary care—combining internal and functional medicine. Dr. Kim is board-certified in internal and anti-aging medicine and certified in anti-aging and restorative medicine. He is also fellowship-trained in metabolic functional medicine.

When a patient visits Dr. Kim’s office, he first evaluates her to learn who she is, how she is feeling and any medical weakness or areas of concern. He provides a nutritional evaluation to determine the need for support for adrenal dysfunction, hormone optimization and weight loss assistance.

Dr. Kim may suggest IV nutritional therapy—a “beauty cocktail” that treats health issues without the negative side effects of medication. “I have been studying and using IV therapy for medicinal purposes for well over 10 years—before it became a fad,” he says. “I understand the value, proper dosing and when to pull in traditional medicine.”

He recommends getting a customized nutritional IV pre- or post-travel, as well as monthly doses for maintenance to help ward off viruses during this pandemic—especially during cold and flu season. It can be used for weight loss, and it simply helps patients look great and feel energized.

Lack of energy is a common complaint for busy women. In some cases, simply replacing estrogen can make women feel young again. Likewise, irritability, short temper, anxiety and even insomnia can show excess estrogen due to improper dosing.

Correcting hormone imbalance is one of the best ways to keep the bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. For patients who have developed osteoporosis already, Dr. Kim discusses alternative treatments.

Dr. Kim provides patients with pharmaceutical-grade supplementation formulated to promote longevity, combat stress and boost the immune response. He recommends  bloodwork and state-of-the-art testing. The DXA full-body scan offered in-office evaluates bone mineral density and measures total body composition and fat content—useful for tracking changes in muscle and fat over time. The noninvasive DXA scan determines bone health and osteoporosis and is useful for athletes to see if an injured limb is properly regaining muscle.

There may be a time when Dr. Kim needs to refer to a colleague who is an expert in a particular area of medicine. He has a virtual “medical Rolodex” of high-quality, trusted South Bay specialists he can call on, thanks to his work as a hospitalist at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center and Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

“We keep our referrals local as much as possible,” he says. “My work as an independent hospitalist is a valuable resource and gives me an unbiased viewpoint, saving time and reducing stress for my patients.”

Patients report that Dr. Kim’s treatments result in looking radiant and feeling youthful. “When you feel better, you have the energy to exercise, keep active, and enjoy family and friends,” he says. “When you feel good, you’re less stressed—a huge part of anti-aging.”

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