Northern Waters

South Bay friends and collaborators set off to Iceland for an extraordinary adventure of discovery and breathtaking artistry.

Good Noshing, Vietnam

Southbay designer and illustrator Elena Lacey explores unfamiliar food territory with knife, fork and an open mind.


Call of Kaua’i

Beyond the allure of Oahu and Maui, Hawaii’s northernmost island seduces new arrivals with amazing resorts and stunning natural beauty.

Jackson Hole Jaunt

Sharing an ice cream cone with my maternal great-grandmother at Yellowstone Lodge is one of my earliest and fondest childhood memories.

Colombia Rising

Unlike Tuscany, the Caribbean or Maui, you need a really good excuse to visit Colombia. Luckily, I had one. A friend of mine was traveling through South America – learning Spanish and seeking humanitarian volunteer opportunities – and had settled into Colombia’s “gringo trail” for a few months.

Call of the Wild

On a month-long trip through India’s Andaman Islands, local residents Mark Arico and Bryce Lowe-White explored the unexplored and discovered more than just perfect waves along the way.

Ojai Observed

It’s hard to believe that a mere 90-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of LA can transport you to a place as idyllically serene as Ojai. The transformation, both visual and physical, is sudden.

The Layers of Andalusia

When American author and diplomat Washington Irving visited southern Spain as both Romantic era traveler and cultural enthusiast, the region of Andalusia and arguably its most famous monument, the Alhambra, had yet to capture the imaginations of a public back at home.

Close Encounters

Volcanoes. Labor strikes. Soaring fares. The once-friendly skies sure seem a lot less genial these days.

Mongolia's Gobi

My perch was a swinging chair on a soporific balcony, my view a treeless vista that extended for miles. If I strained my ears, I could pick up the rustle of breeze, barely.

Totally Dude

It started in the middle of Jeff Bridges’ acceptance speech for Crazy Heart. Then I heard there was a remake of Big Valley in the works. A friend persuaded me to join efforts to save American wild mustangs from slaughter. I seemed to be nursing an inside longing to return from the blindingly instant world of tech relationships and business dealings to a simpler slower place.

Bearing North to Greenland

Only a whisper of cloud floats in the clear, blue sky, and castle-sized icebergs loll in the fjord. It’s a perfect, though not unusual late-July morning on the coast of South Greenland, ideal for rolling up sleeves and tending two-and-a-half acres of crops grown each summer at Upernaviarsuk, an experimental agricultural research station.

Wine, Dine, Refine

One of the nicest parts of the wine business is, well, wine country. During the decade or so that I worked as a sommelier in restaurants in NY and LA, folks would often ask me for recommendations on places to visit and while I could always speak to the juice, I rarely could speak to the experience.

The Ghosts of Mexico City

A friend had told me that upon seeing Mexico City from the air I would be struck by how dense it is, and this was certainly true.

Another Africa

As a departure from the travel stories we regularly feature in our magazine, in this issue we journey to Africa through the lens of our Art Director, Amanda Nelson-Sinagra.

La Vida Natural

These days, it can seem difficult to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life. So why not leave it all behind for the total peace and quiet of these remote South American destinations?


Vancouver and Los Angeles enjoy a relationship built in celluloid, with many a Hollywood filmmaker heading north for the cost-effective, beautiful surroundings just across the Canadian border.

The Five Senses of French Polynesia

The email message with the subject line “Tahiti” could not have arrived in my inbox at a more appropriate time. Ankle deep in slushy Manhattan snow for a winter that seemed to drag on for an eternity, I was already…


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Photos with Santa at Del Amo Fashion Center

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Photos with Santa at Del Amo Fashion Center

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