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    Top: Paige Rubenstein, Raul Valles, Jeff Bucklew, Sixer Goodman, Greg de Saint Aignan, Wylber Gomez, Freddy Contreras; Bottom: Ryan Schlee, Christian Salceda

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Describe the featured project.

The design of this home revolves around the custom scalloped board-formed concrete walls and the tongue-and-groove cedar siding seen throughout the interior and exterior. These walls provide structural support for the building and also serve as the primary focal point. Extensive technical planning was essential to ensure that the scallops maintained evenness from floor to ceiling and that the finish remained consistent throughout the home. A similar level of precision was applied to achieve uniformity in the tongue-and-groove siding. We are very proud of how it turned out.

Tell us about your firm and the services you offer. 

We are a full-service construction company that builds custom homes in the South Bay. Our multidimensional team has worked on all levels of homes in the Los Angeles area and is committed to giving the utmost attention to detail to each project from start to finish. 

What are some trends you are currently seeing?

Many of our projects, including this one, seamlessly integrate design elements that flow from the exterior to the interior of the home. In some of our current projects, we’re incorporating materials like limestone or handmade Petersen bricks flown in from Denmark. Another trend almost all our projects are including is interior plaster. Instead of the conventional approach of finishing walls and ceilings with standard paint, we apply a cement finish, adding a richer, more luxurious look to the space.

Tell us about other properties you’re working on. 

We are currently building two homes that feature a unique design element: a pool situated on the upper level, directly above other living spaces. This innovative concept involves the collaboration of several specialized consultants. Our team takes on the role of orchestrating these collaborative efforts, ensuring a seamless execution.

How do you work with clients to build the home of their dreams? 

We often joke that we are entering a relationship with you. But it’s true! We will be communicating with you on a weekly—and sometimes even daily—basis … and not only with you but with your architect, designer, engineer, etc. It is crucial in this collaborative effort. We are here to guide clients throughout the process, offering advice on the best ways to bring their homes to life and ensuring they will enjoy them for many years to come. Let’s start a conversation about turning your dream home into a reality!

Team photographed by Will Stiles; Project photographed by Roger Davies