Rolling Hills
Country Day School

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    26444 Crenshaw Blvd.,
    Rolling Hills Estates

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    All About Kids

Rolling Hills Country Day School was founded in 1961 and enrolls approximately 400 students in grades K–8. In addition to its academic curriculum, the school offers competitive team sports for middle school students and a variety of extracurricular classes for lower school students including outdoor education, Scratch coding, 3-D printing, cheerleading, physical education and homework club.

What would you like kids and parents to know about Country Day school?

Our core philosophy is education of the whole child. Our students are critical thinkers, collaborative workers, confident leaders and involved citizens. We understand the lasting impact of the earliest years of education and the importance of preparation for high school, college and beyond. Country Day School is a nurturing environment where students have opportunities to experience success and, at the same time, the support and safety to work through challenges.

Our academics are rigorous, but we also believe that learning happens everywhere on campus. Whether it is in the classroom, during flag speeches, in the swimming pool or on outdoor education trips, students are inspired to realize their potential.

What makes your school exceptional?

We encourage curiosity, acknowledge responsibility, support creative ideas and appreciate different points of view. We help our students acquire new life skills and cultivate existing ones. Our dedication to our students shines in the reflections of their intellectual, moral, physical and social achievements. 

In our classrooms, on our fields and across our stage, we nurture the art of expression. As our students develop their skills and enhance their natural abilities using the tools we provide, they come ever closer to achieving and often surpassing their goals.

What do kids love most about Country Day School?

At Country Day School, we consider our students to be part of our family. The students thrive as members of a nurturing community. They feel safe to take risks and make mistakes and learn how to try again. 

They also love our Outdoor Education program, which allows children to learn outside the classroom. We believe good people want to be connected to the global community and find personal satisfaction by looking outward and by making someone else’s life a little better, a little easier. We hope our students lead with their hearts in their homes, at school and in their community.