Riviera Hall
Lutheran School

Riviera Hall offers a Christ-centered education to students in grades TK–8, focusing on the concepts of positive social interaction, problem-solving, character-building, creative expression, study skills and high achievement. Opened in 1952, the school started with 48 students and today has more than 240.

What are your school’s 2023 goals?

To increase differentiation, formative assessment, literacy and modalities to reach all learners. Also to build graduates who exemplify the character that reflects our core values.

What is your definition of success?

Kind kids who are strong in their faith and show character and empathy.

Share your thoughts on the importance of homework.

Students should develop good work habits at home. However, homework should not negatively impact family time. Our teachers want students to feel pride in their work and build confidence. Homework in middle school is meant to reinforce concepts learned in class. The middle school program gives work to students as “assignments”—meaning that students get time to complete the work during the class period, but whatever is not completed is considered homework. This allows for differentiation for those students who need extra time.

Tell us about your students.

Our students are high-performing on standardized tests. They follow our core values of love, respect and responsibility, and they treat others with compassion and kindness. 

How do you support their well-being?

We have P.E. class every day and offer organized athletics. Our environment makes students feel comfortable sharing with teachers. Our youth group keeps students centered.

Tell us about your leadership team.

We have an open-door policy and know all students by name. We are always available to support students, staff and families.

How do you encourage a student who is frustrated?

We honor how they are feeling and show we care. We give verbal support, time and compassion. We even have an emotional support dog on campus. We remind students that frustration is OK, and we offer new solutions and ask that they don’t give up. 

What’s the best way to encourage a lifelong love of learning?

Lead by example, model learning as teachers and remind students that we are still learning. 

How can parents enhance their child’s educational experience?

They can encourage reading at home and encourage a healthy balance between technology, studying and free time.

What is the mission of Riviera Hall?

We provide students with a Christ-centered experience that focuses on building character, integrity, community and academic success in a positive and nurturing environment.