Two Guns Espresso

Owner Andrew Stanisich
350 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 7 in Manhattan Beach | 310-318-2578  |

New Zealand natives Andrew “Stan” Stanisich and Craig Oram wanted to bring a taste of their home country to the South Bay, and they’ve done just that with Two Guns Espresso, opened in 2011. The café serves high-quality espresso drinks, organic juices and teas; pastries made in-house; and hot, made-to-order breakfasts and lunches. 

Two Guns Espresso features food and drink items found in typical New Zealand cafés, like the “Flat White” coffee—a very popular drink in New Zealand and Australia that has been adopted by local customers as a favorite. “Our small-batch, artisanal food and beverages are unique for a coffee shop,” says Craig, who is proud of the café’s philosophy of quality, not quantity.

Part of the charm of the Two Guns experience is the staff, comprised of people from several different countries. Stan and Craig work closely with the local community and schools, and they especially are passionate about supporting the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation.

Stan graduated with a degree in hotel management. The traditional side of French cooking fascinated him, and he started a small catering company with a fellow student at the age of 19. He also worked in hotels and as an international flight attendant for Air New Zealand—a career that allowed him to stay abreast of cultural food trends around the world. He encourages creativity amongst his kitchen team, which has produced menu items like pancetta and asparagus quiche, smoked salmon open-face toast and raspberry jam scones. 

“I never get tired of arriving at the café on a busy weekend and having a conversation with a new customer who is eager to tell me about their positive experience,” says Stan. “When you are serving great food along with providing great service, there is an immediate reaction in the customers where their guard comes down and they just relax and enjoy themselves in the environment.”


The “Stan–Wich”

Serves 1

People religiously come to the café every weekend to get their “Stan-Wich”—Two Guns’ breakfast sandwich. It’s a great start to any day of the week, especially when you add all of the options.


chargrilled pretzel bun

slice of tomato

salt and pepper to taste

1 egg cooked over-easy


jambon Français (optional)

hardwood-smoked bacon (optional)

Gruyère and Asiago  cheese (optional)

Spread a thin layer of house-made pesto on the bun and add a slice of tomato seasoned to taste with salt and pepper. Place a perfect, over-easy cooked egg on the tomato and then top with spicy arugula. Top with any of the optional ingredients you desire. Serve.