Suzy Nece

Owner, Yoga Loft


Yoga Loft  |  1112 Ocean Drive  |  Manhattan Beach  |  310-372-7334  |

Yoga Loft has been in business in Manhattan Beach for 11 years, offering a beautiful ocean view, epic sunsets and 40 classes a week for beginner and advanced students. Owner Suzy Nece has been practicing and teaching yoga for two decades.

What makes Yoga Loft unique?

“Yoga Loft is a special place where you can practice on the beach without getting sand in your toes. We offer lighthearted but challenging vinyasa flow yoga, restorative, yin and meditation classes for all levels with the South Bay’s most inspiring teachers. We empower new teachers through our Yoga Mittra Teacher Training with Shelley Williams, Genevieve Pujalet and myself. We foster young yogis and teachers through GroovyKids Yoga with Greville Henwood and host master classes/workshops, parties, corporate team-building classes, and charitable events throughout the year.”

How have women supported you in  your business?

“I may ‘own’ Yoga Loft, but our community of strong, creative women has built this studio from the ground up and continues to support it with love. I couldn’t do it without my ‘yoga sister wives.’”

How do you give back to your community?

“The Yoga Loft is committed to bringing a sense of well-being to the community. The studio’s staff and clients regularly share their talents to support events and organizations that alleviate the suffering of others, both in local and global communities such as: Wounded Warriors, Operation Gratitude, Walk with Sally, Jimmy Miller Foundation, Kids Play International, Malala Fund, Imagine No Malaria, Luca Knows Heart for Children’s Hospital, Yoga for Water, F*#! Cancer.”

What would you like potential clients to know about you and your working style?

“To put a smile on someone’s face … that’s my yoga. I had the honor of teaching yoga and performing comedy for our troops in Afghanistan. Life is serious enough. I keep it light. The culture of this studio is one of inclusion and play. Yoga is union, connection. It doesn’t mean standing on your head, it means standing together. We don’t judge the shape that another’s yoga takes in the world. We encourage every small gesture toward peace … peace begins with you.”