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Nadia Elgrably McMahon

1601 N Sepulveda Blvd. #383, Manhattan Beach  |  310-892-1799  |

Describe the featured project.

Having completed the interior of this marvelous home, we were hired to create and blend an extended living space for cooking, dining and lounging. The large space sits highest in the multi-tiered yard, which includes a lower level pool, patio and planters. Our new design visually connects to the lower patio as well as the home’s interior. Sliding doors from the breakfast room spill into the new space. Continuity was essential to our design. Coral stone was used to connect the interior and exterior flooring including the upper and lower patio and stairs.

The cooking space provides the comforts of an expansive cook’s island with amazing capabilities. Deep bronze structures thoughtfully blend and provide artistic interest and shade. A sophisticated heat and lighting system ensure year-round family enjoyment. Additional gardens and planters surround the new space, which is bursting with layers of colorful blooms. They blend and create a frame for the spectacular view of the ocean, lower patio and gardens.

How does being detail-oriented enhance what you offer clients?

I have a business degree and an interior design degree. Combined, they provide the foundation for our business practices. Projects operate under design principles and business disciplines. We offer fee-based design, so clients receive superior value for our services.

How do you achieve a thorough understanding of clients’ needs and desires?

We cultivate our client relationships on an individual basis. Once establishing the overall goal and budget, it is imperative we can gain insight to their perspective. Each project presents individual and specific needs. Different methods can be implemented: hands-on shopping trips or visual presentations online followed by feedback and conversations provide critical insight. They are just a few of the countless steps we like to take to ensure our shared vision. Projects often evolve; priorities may change. It is essential that we stay connected to the client’s driving concerns and needs.

What’s on the horizon for your firm?

We are thrilled to be opening a flagship salon for master colorist Kim Vo. The grand opening is slated for October/November in the Montage Hotel, located at 224 North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills.

Which landscaping practices work best in our climate?

Design is the art of analyzing and implementation. It is critical that we work with climate, water conservation and organic elements of each space. We work with a talented team with expertise and precision. Each project and garden comes with individual and specific needs. It is not one-size-fits-all. Size does not matter; a charming secret garden can transform the space. From the interior out, we are creating focal points with views of artistic interest. From the exterior in, we are seamlessly adding visual space and function.