Marissa Edwards, Director of All Things Fun

Tide Pool Kids Club at Terranea Resort

100 Terranea Way in Rancho Palos Verdes | 310-265-2851 |

The Tide Pool Kids Club and Pointe Discovery Activity Center at Terranea Resort offer interactive children’s and family programs such as daily camp and eco-adventures. These activities encourage creative play and highlight the resort’s setting of a rich natural habitat. Kids, teens and their parents can make memories for a lifetime, with the help of Terranea’s activity leaders and naturalists. The number-one priority of this group of truly passionate, insanely creative (and sometimes silly) adults is to make sure all guests are having tons and fun and learning to help the environment.

Marissa Edwards, who is honored to hold the title “Director of All Things Fun,” has been with Terranea for four years and was part of the resort’s opening team in June 2009. Her personal goal has been to make a career of fun and games. “At Terranea,” she says, “the unique landscape has introduced me to a marine environment so special, you can’t help but feel like it’s ‘Fun with Purpose’ every day.”

"Kids equal fun, and the only way to have a successful activities program at a resort is to make sure it’s fun.”

What would you like kids and parents to know about your business?

“Activities at Terranea offer options for kids and parents to explore the local terrain, get creative and embrace a sense of adventure. The Tide Pool Kids Club gives kids the chance to choose their own adventure with themed programs and energetic leaders to keep them safe and engaged. At the same time, parents can explore the natural habitat with activities like kayaking or falconry with our naturalists at Pointe Discovery.”

How does your business make our community a better place for children?

“We really believe in ‘Fun with Purpose.’ By exposing kids to our natural habitat and encouraging them to be creative within it, we are expanding a local knowledge about the rich landscape.”

What are the most important skills for people who want to work successfully with children?

“Be sincere, put safety first, think outside the box, try to get as messy as possible and be sure to dance and sing even if it is out of step and off key. You must be willing to let a child be your creative muse.”

What are the biggest benefits of making the children of our community a priority?

“They will reward you with a the biggest gift anorganization could ask for: loyalty.”

How does your business encourage children (and parents) to live a healthy lifestyle?

“The base of our camp programs and our activities program at Pointe Discovery is outdoor exploration. Hikes, swimming and freeze dance are just a few of the featured activities that get kids and parents up and going. We offer an environment that encourages kids to get lost in their imagination.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“The run-on sentence you hear from a child when he or she is telling you about their day. You know the one … where they are so excited to tell you everything, they can hardly take a breath and could go on forever.”

What’s your advice for kids wanting to become entrepreneurs?

“When someone asks you why, ask them why not, and if it really is something that excites you, don’t let anyone tell you no.”

"By exposing kids to our natural habitat and encouraging them to be creative within it, we are expanding a local knowledge about the rich landscape.”

Do you support charitable organizations that help children?

“Both as a resort and as a recreation team, we embrace giving back. We partner with groups in-house, employee programs and community outreach as much as possible—from trail clean-ups with the Boys and Girls Club to sea lion releases with the team from the Mammal Care Center. We’ve partnered with the Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity and are looking to offer more activities in the near future.”