Jamie Roddy

EdenLA Furniture and Interiors

350 N. Sepulveda, Manhattan Beach | 310-376-0033 | edenLA@edenLA.com | edenLA.com


Describe the featured project.

This Manhattan Beach home was really fun to co-create with the owners. She wanted lots of crystals and silver, and I was happy to oblige! A custom silver cowhide ottoman with Greek key designs, Murano glass chandeliers, an antique mirror and silverleaf coffee tables all mix with a subtly coastal feel. It’s beach glamour! Really great, easygoing clients (and incredible views too) made this project one of our favorites of last year.



Tell us about your firm.  

Our firm offers full-scale interior design services, as well as smaller-scale requests for custom or ready-made furniture. Half of our business is servicing our design clients, and the other half is helping interior designers find and procure the furniture, lighting and accessories they need for their clients.

Because we have more than 200 vendors for furnishings and the ability to make whatever we need here in Los Angeles County, we are never limited. Our clients, both interior designers and design clients, really benefit from that—whether they’re shopping on our extensive and growing e-commerce website or in person with us in the studio.

We also have excellent logistics and quality control personnel to make sure our clients’ expectations are met and exceeded. Every time.


What are some signature touches that make your firm stand out from the rest?

Our clients seem to come to us when they want luxury touches … a more glamorous update. We enjoy decorating in many different genres, but we seem to be doing a lot of glamour-chic these days. What we’re most excited about is a return to the traditional sense of decorating (think plush and comfortable with lots of attention to detail)—but with decidedly updated and contemporary fabrics and finishes.


Describe your clients.

Our clients are the world’s most wonderful people. They want and deserve dedicated attention to their unique desires and needs while creating interiors that WOW. They also enjoy life, are usually pretty happy and enjoy working with like-minded professionals. (Like us!) They are people who like to have fun while maintaining integrity, and we are very blessed to know so many of them.


What is the philosophy of your company, and how does that influence your craft?

We operate in all areas of life with a level of integrity that flows into our business. I truly believe the reason for our success has been our ability to treat every situation with the utmost integrity to the clients’ needs. That’s why they become addicted to working with us. That, and we’re super fun.



What’s new in your business?

Our new Manhattan Beach Studio! We are beyond excited to be headquartered in our own community. We’ll be better able to serve the entire South Bay.