Our South Bay - February-March 2017

Imaginative Interiors

Think art is just for walls? From fabric to dishware, home design gets artistic like never before.

Starting From Scratch

Written by Jennie Nunn | Photographed by Jonn Coolidge and Lauren Pressey

Along with a notable Los Angeles interior designer and architect, a Long Beach couple starts anew on a walk street in Manhattan Beach and creates an art-filled dream home layered with hand-selected pieces that make a big statement.

Art Advancement

Written by Suzanna Cullen Hamilton | Photographed by Nancy Pastor

From buying your first piece of art to cultivating a collection, the gathering process is as much about the maturation and progression of the buyer as it is about the art.

California Dreamin’

Written by Stefan Slater | Photographed by Kat Monk

Featuring three young local women, music band Bahari hits the road and the airwaves with their beach-inspired sound.

Fly Zone

Written by Jennie Nunn | Photographed by Jeff Berting

In a giant Smoky Hollow warehouse, a Palos Verdes native and his business partner transform retired aircraft into museum-worthy, functional, artistic furniture and accessories, while carefully preserving the past.

The New Landscape

Written by Alina Orozco | Photographed by Monica Orozco

Why South Bay residents are falling in love with contemporary expressionist artist Amadea Bailey.

Comfort Food

Written by Jennie Nunn

Newcomer 21 Square Bar + Kitchen places the culinary scene in Torrance back on the map.

My Sweet Dumpling

Written, styled & photographed by Kara Mickelson

Bite-size dumplings served alongside tea will warm hungry hearts … on Valentine’s Day or any occasion.

Strings Attached

Written by Diane E. Barber | Photographed by Stephan Cooper

With a guitar, Martha Masters finds her voice and a passion to get others to pick up the instrument.

LA Story

Written by Darren Elms

The much-lauded La La Land pays tribute to the musical genre and the City of Angels.

The Coastal Commission

Written By Rich Thomas | Photographed by Monica Orozco

Noon Pacific wants to be the beachside soundtrack to your life.

Enormous Appeal

Photographed by Annika Lundvall

Created with harmonious scope and scale of space, the magic of this grand home is in the details.

Artistic Amsterdam

Written by Eliza Krpoyan

An artful itinerary in Holland’s eclectic capital

Sweet on Salsa

Written by Kathleen Laccinole | Illustrated by Christine Georgiades

A woman’s search for love ends—and begins—on the dance floor.