Bryanne Lawless

Managing Partner, BLND Public Relations

205 Pier Ave., Suite 102, Hermosa Beach  |  310-372-2151  |

BLND Public Relations is a boutique agency based in Los Angeles specializing in lifestyle PR campaigns for both established and emerging companies including: fashion, accessories, beauty, entertainment, food/beverage, tech and travel/hospitality brands. A native of the South Bay, owner Bryanne Lawless opened BLND Public Relations in 2013.

What exactly does BLND PR do?

“We specialize in small businesses and lifestyle brands. We elevate a client’s brand to another level by bringing more awareness through media coverage and social campaigns. Our services include everything from traditional public relations campaigns (gaining editorial exposure in magazines) to social media marketing and management (taking care of the daily posts on all social channels) to event planning (product launches, store openings, etc.) and branding and web design.”

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“We are all about the quality of our work, which is why we only take on clients we believe in. We are a team of women who are passionate, creative and dedicated—all of whom come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and contribute unique ideas to our business as a whole. We are our clients’ biggest supporters, representation, shoulders to lean on and source of expert advice. Our success is based on their success, and our ultimate goal is to see their business thrive.”

Why did you start your firm in the South Bay?

“I opened BLND in the South Bay not only because this is my hometown, but because I also wanted to create something that didn’t previously exist for small businesses here. As the community continues to rapidly grow—from restaurants openings to new boutiques— I saw the need for an approachable PR firm for these small businesses. We like to keep things local and in the community as opposed to outsourcing.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“We feed on making our clients happy by seeing their businesses flourish in the time they are in our hands. I like to base our company morale on the success and happiness of our clients so that it’s a two-way street with mutual excitement and upward mobility on both ends of the spectrum. This way, they know that their falls are our falls and their successes are our successes.”