Sara Myers

I got married almost two years ago and could not have gotten through the whole wedding planning process without my mom. We were truly a dynamic duo and I can’t even tell you how many hours we spent on the phone excitedly discussing ideas (and me literally crying to her when plans fell though), sending emails back and forth of…

Melanie Bennett

My mom was there to hold my hand while giving birth to my son…it was so special to share that experience with her!

Mark Scheuer

My Mom has been my biggest fan since I can remember, but even more so, she has been mine. From the very day she and my Father adopted me to each new day that arives I can never shake the true joy I feel knowing I was chosen to be given a better chance in life. No act is more…

Jessica Lococo

My mom has been a Chargers season ticket holder for over 40 years. We have been to countless games but a few years ago when the Chargers won in the last seconds to advance to the playoffs- it was a memory I’ll never forget. So exciting. So much fun. And wouldn’t want to share that moment with anyone else. ❤️

Cole Mueller

Last fall my mom came to San Diego State for Mom’s weekend at Delta Upsilon. I realized how much she, as a single mom, has sacrificed to give me the opportunity to go away to school and experience college life including my fraternity. You tell me you are proud of me. I’m very proud to be your son. Awesome job…

Rachel Brown

In 2008 I participated in my 1st 60 mile 3 Day walk to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. My mom had done 7 walk sup to this point. Walking 60 miles with mom and our friends is an experience I will never forget. Although my mom doesn’t walk it anymore she still comes out to support out team…

Melissa Kaye

When three generations, that included my mom, grandmother (Nana) and I squished ourselves in of those tiny photo booths at Woolworths (was at the old Third Street Promenade) where we took this fabulous photo of the three of us. We giggled and grinned the entire time. Don’t we look happy together?

Paloma Williams

My mum is the most inspiring, amazing, intelligent and of course fabulous person I know. She has the biggest heart and she is so beautiful inside and out! She inspires me everyday and she is my role model and my hero! My favourite memories are all the times we laugh so hard we cry (which happens often)!! We once started…

Gina Moore

As an adult, it’s been really fun to travel with my parents. we’ve taken really adventurous trips recently and on one, I took my mom to swim with the whale sharks and tackle her biggest hike ever – to a remote waterfall in the Philippines . It’s inspiring & I hope I live my life to the fulllist as we…

Jessica Smith

We used to go to Dodger games together at least once a year. I love sharing that experience with her and enjoying the game.

Andrea Jacobsson

Visiting Lizzard Island in Australia and having a delicious seafood dinner on the beach with more silverware pieces than either of us had ever seen. It was truly an amazing experience. My mom’s the best!

taylor watson

Every memory is my favorite, she is amazing, great cook, funny, loving and giving. I will never forget when she said we would make it happen to go away to collage in Flagstaff Az. I met the love of my life and will marry this fall. Thanks Mom for being the best most kind and understanding. Love you Taylor

Khryste Griswold

In this photograph, my beautiful Mom and I were in the backseat of a convertible driving the Road to Hana in Maui, last year for my wedding celebration. My Mom recently took up photography and this was her first time in Hawaii, so she had an absolute blast. My Mom founded and runs a non-profit organization, assisting the disabled and…

Alexja Cummings

We love to go to Brunch anywhere in Manhattan Beach when I am home from college! Bloody Marys at Nicks or the Strand House are the best~ sometimes you just miss home.

Liz Stromath

This is Fran Held, my mom at 90. She’s now 93 and still going strong. My favorite memories of my mom are when I had each of my three children, she lived with me for two weeks and did all the cooking, cleaning and entertaining the children. She taught me how to take care of newborn babies. She had a…

Nicol Kuns

We were able to go to Australia together for a week. No grandmother or stepdad or anyone else, just my mom and I. We normally travel as a whole pack and this trip was so special since it was just the two of us. Now that I have kids, doing something like that doesn’t happen but hopefully one day we…

Beauty & the Babe

Treat yourself with the ultimate mother daughter date! One South Bay Mom and her beautiful babe will win this dreamy day of pampering. A Blowout for mom and her daughter at The Drybar An interactive shopping day at Lululemon for mom and Ivivva for her daughter Lunch for two at True Food Kitchen A $600 Shopping Spree at Madewell Two…

Alison Werning

This is one of my favorite memories with my mom. We were getting ready for my wedding and the whole planning process had been madness! This moment we were finally at the finish line and my mom and I took a moment to ourselves for her to help me into my dress. It was really a special moment that I…

Sonia Stech

Laughter. As you can see my mom loves to make me laugh. She has a gift of making me laugh even in the worst situations. I cherish my mom. Thank you for the opportunity to take mom to be celebrated with Jewels.

Taste and Toast

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Sam Nordlund

I am so proud to have taken after my mom in many ways, one of which is our ability to sleep in! Ever since I was little, I remember being carried into my parent’s bed to snuggle in the morning with my mom. In high school, my alarm would wake up everyone in the house except for me, and I…

rebecca brown

My favorite memory with my mother was being invited to celebrate her 40years with ralphs. I have never had a real girls day with my mother it was 26years over do . We started her day at Disneyland with a princess brunch and then proceeded to pamper our selves I picked out my mother’s dress to receive her award in…

Alycia Beutler

For my mom’s 60th birthday, we surprised her with a yacht ride! She was so surprised and happy to see friends and family on the boat. We rode just off the coast and watched as the sun set. It was so beautiful and a great way to celebrate her and all she’s done in her 60 years! <3

A contemporary home sparkles with curated art and objects from around the globe

A cutting-edge contemporary house sparkles with curated art and objects from around the globe. Written by Suzanna Cullen Hamilton Photographed by Shane O’Donnell Manhattan Beach Boulevard has a spectacular new sustainable billboard that promotes green living and imbues beauty—an impossible feat for ungainly conventional billboards. Perched on the second and third floors of a stunning new home by Brent Coert…

Diana I Allen

Well, there are so many special memories with mom, but last one that we shared together was on her last visit to Pensacola in winter where we spent the afternoon and had lunch at the Beautiful Naval Museum in Pensacola⚓️⚓️We walked, we learned,we ate, we chat with Navy Officers and walked around holding hands.I love my Mom💕 she’s always been…

Coreen Lanza

I was fortunate enough in February 2016 to go to Europe with my mother and stepfather our time together was memorable and some of the most precious memories of my life. I am so blessed to say that my mother is truly an amazing woman built of strength courage and love ❤️

Dave King

One of my favorite memories was of her passing her driver’s test. She was BEYOND worried, and as a senior (75+), it was imperative to not lose her driving privileges. She passed with flying colors, and the euphoria she experienced was magical!

Joseph Pressler

Me and Daddy love mommy! Shes funky, stylish, loving and compassionate. There is not one moment that we dont enjoy being together, whether we are walking on our hometown beach of Redondo or at the park, my mommy is my best friend and me and daddy dont know what we’d do without her 🎀

614 Boundary Pl, Hermosa Beach

Uniquely detailed with the finest blend of natural and organic elements this meticulously crafted impeccably designed Mark Trotter home is situated in the very heart of the beach cities. Listing Agents: The Bucci Weber Team

939 1st St., Manhattan Beach

Situated on the crest of a quiet street in Manhattan Beach’s highly coveted Hill section just blocks from downtown and idyllic beaches, this bright and airy home was thoughtfully built in 1990. Listing Agent: John Capellaro

12 San Miguel, Rolling Hills Estates

Located on a quiet cul-de-sac in the 24-hour guard and gated community of Vantage Pointe. This beautiful property has 5 bedroom suites and 6 baths stretching over 4,500 sq. ft. on a lot about 20,000 sq. ft. Listing Agent: Lily Liang