Darren Elms

The Craft

I had my first encounter with beer at an early age. There’s an image of my dad, a former LAPD motor cop, offering the two-year-old version of myself a sip of beer from his Coors can while his police buddies look on. Anyone else see the irony here? Truth is, I didn’t care for the taste, and though I’d have…

Fresh Fare

Let me air out the dirty laundry first…I’m on a cleanse. One of those detox programs that mix an elimination diet with supplements and grainy shakes that require a package of frozen berries, agave syrup and a strong blender to make them somewhat palatable. This all started when one of my co-workers dropped 15 pounds, a few pant sizes and…

Let There Be Light

Soon celebrating 60 years in the South Bay, Wayfarers Chapel is more than a monument, it’s a local treasure.

Soon celebrating 60 years in the South Bay, Wayfarers Chapel is more than a monument, it’s a local treasure.

Dining for a Cause

By way of an intimate gathering at a private Manhattan Beach residence, Southbay Magazine teamed up with Providence TrinityCare Hospice Foundation to celebrate life overcoming loss as witnessed at The Gathering Place.

For longtime Manhattan Beach residents and high school sweethearts John and Carol Shafer, a spirit of giving has guided them through 42 years of marriage.

The Pursuit of Excellence

75 Years of Chadwick School

In 1935, Margaret Lee Chadwick founded an open-air school in her San Pedro home with only four students, two of them her own children. Through the generous donations of land and buildings from local families, the Palos Verdes campus of Chadwick Seaside School opened a few years later with 75 day and boarding students.

City Meets Sea

The History of the Hermosa Beach Pier

Here at Moon Tide Media, we are fortunate enough to be a stone’s throw from the beach, right on 11th Street just next door to the Hermosa Beach Pier. But it’s the neighboring Pier that has been a fixture of Hermosa Beach life for over 100 years.

Bright Moves

Starlight Children’s Foundation

For many young persons dealing with a serious illness or injury, long hospital stays become the norm of everyday life. Those days, weeks or months spent away from the comforts of home can be frustrating and isolating for patients as well as their families. A positive distraction can make all the difference. Enter the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Keys to Success

Jazz Pianist Paul Smith

On Thursday evenings at the Terranea Resort, a trio of musicians sits for a few sets of “background music” while guests and residents wander in and out of the lobby.


Note from the editor: If you’re cruising the Sunset Strip and seeking a sophisticated new scene to sip your pretty libations, I suggest you check out RH at ANdAZ West Hollywood.Seated at the swank, light-infused bar overlooking Strip, guests enjoy a cocktail list that not only includes the classics, but custom drinks that rely on the restaurant’s inherent focus on…

Business Casual

At Home with Michael Cohen and Suzanne Lerner

For the record, Michael Cohen is not Michael Stars.

And though he and his wife are unquestionably the driving force behind the successful “casual couture” t-shirt business bearing that recognizable moniker, he prefers to walk through his Downtown Manhattan Beach neighborhood with an air of anonymity — just another local out for a cup of coffee or ice cream around the block. And how can you blame him? Years before “Stars” ever entered his life, Michael was an artist enjoying the coastal comforts of living in the South Bay.

Doheny Days

A Century on the Hermosa Beach Strand

Nestled alongside the contemporary beach residences that line today’s Hermosa Strand, this 5,172-square-foot home between 24th and 25th Streets was built and owned by the Doheny family in the early 1900s.

The Five Senses of French Polynesia

Looking for the ultimate in island R&R? Take a journey to the islands of the South Pacific with us and encounter heavenly hospitality at every turn.

The email message with the subject line “Tahiti” could not have arrived in my inbox at a more appropriate time. Ankle deep in slushy Manhattan snow for a winter that seemed to drag on for an eternity, I was already counting down the days until I could return to California sun. Then came the invitation for a week’s sojourn to…

Escape to Palm Springs

A favorite playground for generations of Southern Californians, Palm Springs is back and better than ever. A local made the quick two-hour trip out to the desert oasis and uncovered a modern mingling of hip hotels, eclectic eateries and breathtaking beauty.

I’ve been to Palm Springs all of three times – not very often for an LA native prone to short road trips in and around So Cal.

One Step at a Time

Walk With Sally

Cancer changes everything. Nick Arquette learned this reality at the age of ten when his mother, Sally, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Great Race

Chopard's 1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono Speed Black

“Luxury is man-made,” says Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, patriarch of the Chopard family business.

In Scheufele’s case, you could also say “self-made,” as he is primarily responsible for Chopard’s magnificent global presence. Acquiring the 100-year-old company from Paul-André Chopard in the 1960s, the young German goldsmith and watchmaker modernized the business, making the brand one of the most prestigious luxury names in the world. A completely independent, family-run business, with his two children, Karl-Friedrich and Caroline, as co-presidents, Chopard never ceases to amaze with extraordinary timepieces and exquisite jewelry, all crafted with priceless care and exceptional attention to detail.

Love Affair

romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada

Taking their name from Shakespeare’s most famous lovers, Romeo y Julieta cigars first ignited a passion over 100 years ago in Havana, Cuba.

Singular Serving

Tiffany & Co. Custom Porcelain

In October of last year, Tiffany & Co., the classic name in jewelry and tableware, officially offered its customers the opportunity to design custom porcelain with the esteemed Atelier Le Tallec.

The Benchmark

Mercedes-Benz S550

Mercedes-Benz has always offered a flagship vehicle, and for several decades that car has been the S-Class. Today, the S-Class is available in six different varieties, but for several good reasons, the most popular in the family is the S550.

The New Riviera

Uncovering Nayarit

The perfect day begins: you wake up as the sun crests just above the foothills of the Sierra Madre, grab your board and enjoy an early morning surf. After a relaxing yoga session under a palapa pavilion set atop a small promontory, you sit for a quick bite at one of the streetside cafes in town and chat with the locals.

Genesis Revisited

Greubel Forsey's Invention Piece 1

There is invention, and then there is reinvention. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are not only watch making entrepreneurs, they are skilled innovators whose designs break new ground in timepiece technology.

Scent in the City

Astor Place from Bond No. 9

When Bond No. 9 debuted they had one goal in mind: create a luxurious scent for every corner of their beloved New York City. The company now boasts 34 women’s, men’s and unisex eaux de parfum, from New Harlem to Wall Street.

Written in Time

Caran d'Ache 1010 Limited Edition

With the exception of chocolate, the Swiss are known for two peerless luxury exports: the watch and the writing instrument. Carefully crafted and artistically inspired, these much sought after creations are the heart and soul of this country’s finest artisans. It’s no wonder Caran d’Ache would choose haute horlogerie, as the inspiration for an exquisite, perfectly realized pen.

Time Evolution

IWC’s Aquatime Chronograph Edition Galapagos Islands

The diver remains the sports watch of choice, both in and out of the water, thanks to its reliability and masculine good looks. IWC Schaffhausen first introduced a diver watch back in 1967 under the name Aquatimer and continues the tradition to this day.

From Coastal to Country

Owning a Luxury Ranch

The family ranch is long gone, but the prospects of modern ranch living are as wide open as the Western territory. The potential buyer in search of space, nature and rustic recreation need not compromise luxury to “rough it”. A vast number of properties in hotspots like Colorado, Idaho and Montana feature gorgeous, upscale estates, some standalone homes, other attachments to sprawling, working ranches.

Making the Cut

Londoner Salon and Day Spa

The Londoner, the name an homage to his UK roots, is a full-service salon offering one-of-a-kind hair care, skincare and body care under one roof.