April Banda

Owner, Malabella Studio

504 Center St   |  El Segundo   |  310-625-6381   |  malabella.com

April Banda specializes in Brazilian waxing and Reiki Facials—a combination of serious skin care and energy healing. She has owned Malabella Studios ince 2006 and has worked at various other spas in the South Bay for the past decade.

Tell us a bit about your working style.

“I am very flexible during the week. I try to work around my clients’ busy work schedules to squeeze in a quick Brazilian wax during their lunch hours or while they have a babysitter.”

How do you handle issues that are unique to the working female?

“Facials and waxing are not really a luxury for the busy women of the South Bay. It’s part of our monthly maintenance. I offer quick and gentle waxing services. But the one thing we often forget about is connecting with our spiritual side. So I created the Reiki facial to help reconnect with our inner selves while fixing skin issues.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

“I love that Reiki gives me a tool that can facilitate very deep inner healing that many of my clients are ready for. Issues like addiction, breakups, physical pain, depression and forgiveness can all be addressed with Reiki sessions if the client is ready to go deep.”

What does the future hold for  your career?

“In the last year I have been building my Eyelash Extension business. It gives women a chance to lie down, completely relax, listen to a guided meditation if they choose, while their lashes get full, long and beautiful.”

When did you move to this area?

“I am originally from San Diego and have been living in the South Bay for close to 20 years.”

What do you like to do for fun, when you’re not at work?

“I am a big La Kings hockey fan. Both my kids, Matisse and Sevilla, have been Junior Kings since they were 5 years old, and they are now both teenagers. I love camping, fishing, yoga, meditation and going to concerts.”